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LASER HACK: DVD burner diode list Answered

I propose to put your results of using the DVD burner diode for using as POWERFUL laser pointer: See the instructable:

This allow sharing the experience and avoiding some bad burners...

Put your
-DVDburner BRAND and
-MODEL and finally the


DVD Burner : NEC 16x Model : ND-3550A Results : EXCELLENT I took this old burner out my PC especially to do the hack, and the only fault i had with it was that i cracked the glass in the laser so it emitted two pointers instead of one, but still it lit matches almost instantly and burned through plastic and crisp wrappers etc, only wish i hadn't broken it getting it out its old housing as its a really good laser! to replace it i just ordered a new NEC and will post with the outcome so everyone knows. I have tried a pioneer dvd burner and the laser blew on the first use so had to put the nec laser back in.

I made 2 laser flashlights :

DVDBurner : NEC 16x
Model : ND-3550A
Results : GOOD !

A powerfull laser within these burners (NEC says 280mW).
Instantly lights a match, burns stuff and even light a cigarette.

Beam is visible in dark areas, and has reached over 2.5 miles with a visible dot at the end.

I have 2, so started one with 2x 1.5 volts AA and one with 2x 1.2 volts AA.
Both still powerfull after 2 weeks of use, no problem at all.

They get hot, duty cycle about 60/60 sec. but i prefer 30/30 sec. just in case. (i used thermal grease/heat paste from zalman (CSL850) on this diode and the housing)