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LCD + ??? = Awesome RSS "picture frame"? Answered

I have in my possession, an old 'Sharp' LCD from a Mitac 5024 laptop which was disassembled and regrettably thrown away. I had an idea today to make a twitter picture frame which could sit on my wall, or any wall in the house for that matter, grabbing updates from my twitter timeline, which could be done a number of ways, from groping the API to simple ol' RSS. However, all I have is the LCD, and a total lack of knowledge where to begin with such a project. I understand I need some device to both fetch the tweets (Or RSS articles) and also to power and drive the LCD. Does such a piece of kit already exist? Or will this need to be a totally custom bit of work? p.s. I can't get any further information on the LCD at this moment in time, however if it's required / relevant, I can provide details and/or pictures as required.


Here are some pictures, hopefully they make more sense to yourself than they do me. I could run the LCD from a computer, however unfortunately my main machine is a Mac Mini (One display output only) and my other is an iBook which wouldn't always be in the vicinity of the frame. Though figuring out if the panel is actually any use is more important really :)


As much as I'd hate to say it, I don't think it's going to be possible, at least easily. The only feasible way of driving the LCD would be with a computer. Chances are, you'll need a pretty similar laptop to hook it up to, the connections might not match up otherwise. From there, it wouldn't be hard to write a program to do it. However, the cost of getting the laptop wo/ the LCD is probably similar to getting one w/ an LCD attached ;-) If it had an RCA connector (the yellow plugs on TV's), that would be a different story ;-)

More lcd info! What state, what kind, does it have a cable, a frame around it, etc. Pictures, if you have them! Well, you'll need a computer/pda/ipod/whatever hooked up to the pda to get the RSS feeds. Maybe a power cord, if you don't hook it up to an old computer. And depending on the lcd, if you can buy/make a cord or connector cable, to lead to your internet ready decive, that may be all you need. Let me know how it turns out.

>Well, you'll need a computer/pda/ipod/whatever hooked up to the pda to get the RSS feeds< Sorry, I meant, hooked up to the lcd, not pda.