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LCD Dead Spots? Answered

     I recently bought an Ipod touch that was at a discounted price because of two large dead spots.  They appear to be permanent, not just stuck pixels.  Recently though, there are now spots developing, but they're not the usual circles.  They are rows, one pixel wide and a dozen or so pixels long.  Every day they get a little bigger.  What causes this, and how can I fix it?


> What causes this
.  Not sure, but that's what happens when you buy defective equipment - the problem seldom gets better.

> how can I fix it
.  Probably can't ... unless you have some expensive tools and knowledge/training that your question indicates you don't have. Your best bet will probably be to replace the display.

Yes, I'm fully aware that buying a damaged product will not provide the same thing that a functional product will. And I asked this question because the new pixel problem seems to be completely unrelated to the first, which was caused by dropping the unit. So I was just looking for some technical insight about the issue.

. In a nutshell, you're boned. LCDs are very fragile and you've probably knocked some internal connections loose and/or broken some cells. :(
.  Fantastic avatar, BTW.

Haha thanks. RUSH RULES!

But anyway I have noticed something odd. The dead spots seem to move, so to speak. Playing a game for an hour at a high backlight level causes the dead spot to "fall" down due to gravity. They eventually return to their original places. This I cannot explain.

. That's a new one on me. How far do they "fall"?

Well over the course of 3 months about 1/2 in. I have a line also that comes out of the side of the screen. I gets bigger and smaller on a daily basis.

. Weird. I'm guessing it's thermal expansion/contraction exacerbating the other problem(s).