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LCD TV Display or Monitor for Security Camera Answered

Another tech guy at my school and I were thinking of buying this camera for the auditorium. The light/sound booth is off in a back corner, and due to a not-quite-big-enough window, it is almost impossible to see any activity on the stage when it's dark. This is an issue for when, say, we are supposed to turn on lights as soon as someone's onstage. We already have plenty of hiding places for it in the ceiling, and it had an array of IR LEDs, to further help it see the stage.

The problem is a monitor. It has composite RCA output, and we need to find something that will display it. It doesn't need to be big, as the booth is just barely big enough to fit three or four people in. However, we would like to find an LCD, because we don't have much room for a CRT. Also, if you haven't guessed already, it has to be pretty cheap. I think I saw a display a while back that was a 10.4" LCD with RCA input and no tuner for under $30, but I can't remember what it was called or used for, much less where I saw it. Does anyone have any ideas where I could find an LCD display? Spambots need not apply...


. Maybe this will help point you in the right direction.

The dead DVD player seems like a good idea...Particularly that cheap bit... Do you (or anyone else) have recommendations for how to hack a DVD display to take RCA-In?

I think they often have an AV input that looks like a headphone jack. You need an adapter plug to RCA. You can get the whole DVD player with the jack AND the adapter (sold separately) at Radio Shack for around $100. Once I got a 5 inch LCD screen for $50 that was sold for gamecubes. I use it for a cctv monitor too.