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LCD White? Answered

well i dont know anything about lcd screens and i just aquiered one from an old pc and i want it to come to life again. if these help these are all the numbers and stuff on the back of the screen

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Please describe the problem better.

Uhm... That may not be easy.

First you need to get power to the backlight, which is probably not hard. Then you need to get the actual display circuitry running at least enough to turn on all the pixels. If this screen came from a laptop, it may have been tightly integrated with the laptop's circuitry, in which case you may not have the drivers it needs even if you could figure out what inputs those drivers would want.

Were I in your place, I'd try tracking down the manufacturer (presumably Torisan, which websearch says is a division of Sanyo), contact their customer service department, explain that you're an experimenter, and see if they'd be willing to send you specifications on this display and how to interface to it. Then all you'd need would be enough electronics/programming knowledge to understand those spec sheets and design something to talk to it...

What are you actually trying to accomplish? If it's just to have a flat panel that lights up white, search Instructables and the web for the phrase "light box" -- there are many cheap designs for those, since they're a common photographer's/artist's tool.