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LCD for beginners? Answered

Hey guys I want to get started using simlpe 16x2 LCDs in my Arduino projects, but I I need one for beginners. Nothing too fancy. This is the one I'm looking at: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/709.   Also, if anyone knows where I can get one that has the three outputs( +5v, GND, and data) and/or has a link to a website, that would be extremely helpful. Thanks in advance!


You can get all the information on wiring and programming the LCD to an arduino here:
You can also find information on how to wire it with a shift register, these are chips which can run different shift registers on the same bit-length. Here is an instructable on that.
And I've got a video on my youtube channel were I wire an LCD to an arduino. youtube/tobatobias
Hope this helps.

I loves my dx cheap stuff; often you get what you pay for - but there are many gems to be had!


There are parallel interface lcds with either 4 or 8 bit inputs; and then there are SPI addressable lcds that have another controller on them to take serial instructions over 3 wires; Either way, @author you'll need to do some reading.