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LCD lights in-ceiling on dimmer switch and motion sensor on AC Answered

I would like to install about 9-16 LEDs in my garage ceiling for lighting. I want to be able to press a button to switch the lights on and off, as well as have a motion sensor that will be able to turn them on when i drive into the garage or walk into the garage. I want to cut relatively small holes in the sheetrock in the ceiling for each LED fixture and then have all of the wiring be in above the ceiling. I can follow directions really well, and have basic knowledge of LED technology. I do not know which LEDs are the correct ones to use, if I need a fixture or not, how to wire them all, what type of motion sensor to use, and what type of switch to use. Also, what is the best way to power my lights? I would like to connect them to a regular power line from in the attic, but am unsure what I would need to make that work. I assume I could tap into the power line that connects to a few plugs in the garage, or even disable the current single bulb light and use that connection. Running the wires and making my way through the insulation won't be a problem. Thanks for the help on my project! I'll definitely post pics and show how I did it once I'm done. --quick thought... maybe a dimmer-motion sensor light switch (lutron?) would work for the controls?


You'd need quite a few (100s) to light your garage. A good place to start would be to look on a site like mouser and find the light output of a regular light and an led and divide the numbers to give you an idea of how many you need. There's nothing worse than a poorly lit workspace.

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