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LCD tv to computer monitor? Answered

I have a Lenox brand 7" wide TFT LCD color TV model TFT730, it's not much good to me as all of our TV signals are now digital and this unit has an analog tuner.
Would it be possible to convert this to a computer monitor? I'm pretty good with a soldering iron, I just need some help with connections and if required, some sort of interface circuit?

Any assistance would be appreciated 



4 years ago

So you don't think that I could use the AV port?

I looked on eBay and found a VGA to composite converter for $16 with free shipping, I thought I might give this a try

PC Laptop VGA to TV RCA Composite S-video Converter Box 1280*1024P

As far as use, I am planning to use it on my Mac mini music server


4 years ago

Only with a VGA port or HDMI port it would be usable.

But only usable, not useful.

A computer slows down quite bad if the display does not match the graphics card.

For things like office use or to display some non gaming content it might still work ok though.

I assume inside the monitor will be something to convert the antenna signal into useful signals for the display, if you are really lucky it will be done by a simple video signal that is processed by the display electronics itself.

The other option is that the tuner provides a digital signal directly suited for the diplay driver.

If you can figure out where the vidio signal comes from and where it does to the display you might be able to convert it as a monitor for a camera on your door or car.


4 years ago

It's probably a low-end unit so I wouldn't expect the resolution to be high, just good enough for standard TV. The only kinds of input it knows to display is from the antenna and the AV in which is probably the yellow composite plug signal. That said, you need an a converter from RGB computer display to RF or composite. For the price you pay for a converter, you should invest in a new LED display if needed. DIY is difficult because converters need signal processing chips and circuits dependent on the LCD panel it is driving.