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LCD/VFD free samples? Answered

These screens are pretty expensive, has anyone been successful at recieving a sample? Also if anyone knows where I can get samples of flux, desoldering braid, perspex, rare-earth magnets, IC sockets and headers. Thanks, Alex.


Obviously already tried this many times, you looked at those results? Garbage.

. The S/N ratio is low, but there's some good stuff in there.

Rare earth magnets are in your harddrive, 2 of em.

Also there are 2 big ones in microwave magnetron, they have massive fields (can affect crt screens from ~2 feet away)

Ummm...I took my hard drive out, and now my computer doesn't work so umm...How do I fix it? By the way, I don't know if this helps or not but ummm, I took the magnets out of it already so yeah...Thanks bye!

Well, I do hope nothing important was on there, cause it aint coming back. Might as well have some fun with thermite in the time being.

Might as well have some fun with thermite in the time being.
Awww...I wana play with thermite, too bad I didn't break my hard drive... =(

So what, you can destroy loads of stuff with it, not just HDD's they use it industrially to fuse railroad track.

Texas Instruments is the easiest ive be succsessful at all samples exept IC DIP microcontrollers

flux: flux or solder paste? desoldering braid: come on, why would anyone have samples for that? persplex: Since there arn't any samples on the official website, there arn't any. Just buy some cheap acrylic at home depot or lowes or somewhere. rare-earth magnets - very very cheap on ebay and I know of no samples, again, why would they have samples for that? IC sockets - I think they are so cheap that no one gives samples. Maybe molex might but I havn't checked same with headers

Flux: Those flux pens and whatnot I was on about. Desoldering braid: Actually I did find one site that offered samples of it, not heard back from them yet though. I'll try and find the URL.. Perplex: Persplex? Is that a brand? I was talking about general perspex/acrylic etc. I would gladly buy some if I was lucky enough to have those kind of stores, we're some what limited here in the UK. I did order a sample from theplasticshop, cost a £1 and only just realised that they only do massive orders :/ Magnets: Just realised how cheap they are, woops. I'd seen them for like £20 per magnet so i thought that was the average. IC sockets + headers: Mouser might be sending me some but they've got to get approval first. Didn't want to buy them because they are cheap but so much money is wasted on delivery ha. Thanks.

well, you can get solder paste from here
but I'm not sure about just flux

I honestly have no clue about acrylic in the UK, and I rarely use it.
IC sockets/headers: I'll be surprised if mouser gives you samples because they are just distributers, they see samples as a loss of profit, companies see it as a direct profit because then you might buy more from them.

I told them that Mill-Max advised me to ask them (which they did) and the women who replied said she would try and get approval. Thanks for the link, not really sure what solder paste does though.

it's mainly used for smd parts, it's basically fluxed mixed with a bunch of microscopic balls of solder. It's basically solder goo. You can dispense if from a syringe and then when heated it turns into solid solder

Oh, that sounds much easier. I'm getting a few a BGA and SOIC packages so that should come in handy. Is there any one you recommend? The site has loads of options for alloys and powders, dont know what they mean :) Thanks!


9 years ago

Ladyada has an awesome page on her site about samples. Just don't over do it and ruin it for the rest of us!

You're Welcome!

Oh, thanks! I was going to make a list myself, I'll just add to this one instead. Thank you!

Yeah, no problem. It's a great list!


9 years ago

It's not free, but there's a well-known Hong Kong site that sells solder paste in small quantities for a fraction of the price you see elsewhere...

Check it out here (shipping is gratis, too.)