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LED Battleship game Answered

Just had an idea for simple to play but complex to build battleship game. If i had the money and resources to build it myself i would. So i just thought i would share the idea and see if anyone else is interested in making it.

Basically the target and ship fields will be made from a large pin board for LEDs to plug into. The Ship field of one player will be wired to the target field of the other player. So when an LED is plugged into the target field and there is an LED plugged into the same spot on the opposing player's ship field the target LED completes the circuit lighting both LEDs indicating a hit. No need to call out coordinates and can be a good game for the hearing impaired. The LEDs for the ship can be placed onto sets of header pins. It would take allot of LEDS to make but would be an interesting game.
  • 234 total LEDs are needed
  • 34 of which will be used to create the ships.
  • each player get 100 LEDs for shots (less then 100 are actually needed to complete a game.
  • peg board could be made from old IDE female headers.
  • Board should be marked with line indicating negative side of the connections.
  • Negative side of LEDs should be visibly marked to help the user determine the right way to plug them in.



6 years ago

Quick idea, maybe put the LEDs into something that can only fit into the board one way. that way your polarity is never in question when plugging it in. Like an isosceles trapezoid shape on the bottom of the piece? This will make it easier to not get confused, especially when playing Battle Shots