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Need Circuit Diagram for 5 Watt 12v LED Connect to 6v 5Ah Battery Answered

Hai Friends,
I have 5 pieces 5 watt led's. Led Specifications:
Model - 5 watt, Forward voltage (VF) DC 9 - 12v, Forward current  (IF ) - 900MA, Output lumens  - 800 - 900LM, Color temperature -  6000 k, operate voltage - 9v to 12v DC

I want to connect these Led to a 6v 5Ah Battery. (Used in emergency lamps.I want to replace the old tube light in the batteries and replace with these led's.)

I need the circuit diagram for the project.With Low and high Brightness modes.Please help me.
thanks in Advance to those people, who are going to help me completing this project....


All five LED's will consume 4.5A when at full brightness.
And that is on 12V.
Your battery has 6V and 5Ah it won't work, no matter how you try it.
Get a 12V 20Ah or more battery and suitable LED drivers for each LED.
Of course you can use a microcontrolleror Arduino to do the brightness control over a PWM signal and power transistor.

Hey into I'm not sure if its too late for you but my suggestion is that you can use a micro controller and a high rated transistor to control it in various ways rather than a full circuit. This would cost lesser than buying all the individual components. I can provide detailed instructions but i recommend you start off with an Arduino.

Please help me...I