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LED CUBE 4X4X4 WITH 10MM LEDS!!? Answered


I am thinking about making an 4x4x4 LED cube with 10mm LEDs for a 10 week project and wanted to ask about a few things which I am unsure of:


I planned on following an instructables guide such as  https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Cube-4x4x4/ or similar but these are all for the standard 5mm led .

What I wanted to know is will these plans still work or will they need to be changed alot due to the more current being drawn?
(apart from the obvious change in resistor values)

Also I aren't sure whether to charlieplex the cube or multiplex it yet , Which is easier?

In addition, Is the construction of the actual cube grid the same no matter which technique used ?
{as i wanted to build the actual grid first to get it out the way then concentrate on the other parts}

Any Help and tips appreciated 




5 years ago

Changing resistors for higher current won't help 
the Atmel AVR IC cannot deliver the source anode current..

The AVR has a maximum combined current rating of 200 mA.
This gives you 12mA to work with per LED 
ONLY IF you plan to light all LED anodes at once

He used 220 ohm resistors on the cube. This gave the maximum of
the allowable 12mA per led.

C-Plexing is software intensive

To really increase current you will need anode driver transistors.
Emitter flowers make sense here and are easy to addon.
Then beef up the four column transistors and don't forget
the power supply..


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