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LED Challenge (Closed) Answered

Fed up of not able to enter the contests as international entries are not accepted?Here's your chance to enter a contest.I have decided to host a mini-contest.Enter and show your creativity and win a chance to go PRO.

Project Requirements:
Entered projects must meet or exceed these requirements:

~ Use of at least one LED in your project.
   That's all

Instructable Requirements:

~ The instructable should be new (published after the posting of this announcement)
~ It should have original photos (Not copy paste from somewhere)
~ The instructable must be a step by step instructable 

For this contest publisher of the top 3 instructable will recieve a patch each.The first place winner will receive a 1 year PRO membership.The 2nd prize winner will receive a 3 months PRO membership .The 3rd prize winner will receive a patch.

Prize Distribution:

1st Place:
1 Patch
One Instructables 1 Year Pro Membership

2nd Place:
1 Patch
1 Instructables 3 Month Pro Memberships

3rd Place:
1 Patch

*Multiple entries are allowed. To keep the distribution of patches wide however, each entrant can only win one patch.

How to enter :

To enter the contest post a link to your instructable in the comments.I will put the the link and the authors name in the list under the topic "Entries"

I will be judging the entries on 29th and 30th april and I will distribute the prizes on 2nd may.

I reserve the right to approach other trusted members of the community for assistance with judging, but all final decisions will be mine, and final.

The winners will be announced 1st may and the prizes will be distributed to them on 2nd may.

The winners will be sent a PM if they win also their username and instructable URL will be added under the topic "winners"

Any questions, either post them in a comment, or PM me directly.

Good luck, and get Making!


The instructable should be published between 28th march and 28th april. The instructable should be posted after or on 28th march and before 28th april midnight.



Хорошая идея



6 years ago

Great idea!