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LED Conversion from battery to socket Answered

I've found a few projects that touch on converting a standard light bulb to a LED configuration. But nothing that I have come across has a complete diagram for the conversion. I know that LED lights will last longer than most lamps and are much cheaper to run. But they cost upwards of +$20 each! Any help would be AWSOME!



10 years ago

sure, I can whip you up a diagram, how many LEDs do you want? I'm assuming you want this to be compact and run off of 120 AC (US mains)

Chef Chad McIntyreguyfrom7up

Reply 10 years ago

Basically I want to make a few (more than one) light bulbs to replace the ones that I have in the normal fixtures in my home. I guess I would need the output to be equal to a standard 75W bulb (maybe more - flood light, maybe less - reading light)