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LED Cricket Bails Answered

Hi everyone, didn't really know where to put this  so put it here. Basically I love cricket and if you have seen the ICC World Cup T20 you will have noticed the light up  bails and wickets. Here they are if you havnt- http://www.zings.biz/products/jbjhbjbh. What would be the best way to make these? ps: I have plastic and wood bails available and am more interested in making the bails. Thanks  


Why not work with magnets. See place a LED inside bells with 2 switches and battery(coin size) to power LED which will lit when ball is hit.

Magnetic switch : one magnet will be in stumps where the bells rest. So when bells are placed on stumps the magnetic switch inside bells will break switch(LED off). When bells are hit magnets holding magnetic switch lose power and switch gets completed and LED lit. (these are similar to tilt switch but more useful in this case)

On Off Switch : When bells are not in use a on/off switch will save battery and LED's are put to rest.

LED Bells.png

http://youtu.be/ElFSsu2kZ1A similar to this where magnets are used to unlock the key hole.


2 years ago

Hi. I have simulated the circuit on multisim but I cant figure out how to stop LED from flashing. If I increase threshold cap/resistor I can manage to stop LED after few seconds but then it wouldn't be flashing, LED will be lit. Any help will be much appreciated and I am happy to share multisim model if need be.

Here's the updated URL


Hi, here's one related circuit you would want to try:


Use the innards of 3 light-up juggling balls, they flash for about 5 seconds when you give them a hard knock.

Couldn't find these types mate in the UK??

Toy shops will stock them, or there are bouncy ("power") balls that do the same.

Otherwise, search ebay.co.uk for "flashing bouncy ball".

http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B005RROHPU/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?qid=1396908598&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX110_SY165 these should do it

thank you


(I wonder why they are frequently bought with an emergency blanket?)

Hi Guys,

We designed the Zings Bails and the version used recently in the T20 World Cup are a little more complex than they look, the commercial version is a bit more straight forward.

Even the product description says they are just LEDs and batteries. Find a length of clear or translucent plastic (even a cut-down plastic bottle), and cram in an LED torch with the case off...

wish it was that easy mate but the thing is the bails have to be reactive so when they are knocked of the wickets by the ball they light up, not just all the time :)

Thats a good idea however wouldn't it be too reactive, like say if there was some wind would it light up? Never used a tilt switch. Thinking of putting in a buzzer aswell but might get too big and heavy with a battery in there too. Need to think of a way of getting some clear plastic on the bail too?

You can build your own tilt switch, maybe a small steel nut that has to fall to the other end of a cavity, and gets held in place by a small magnet (obviously, you will need to be able to reset the switch, so tie a length of thin string to the nut, and pass it out of the casing - use it to pull the nut away from the magnet and back to its starting place.

For the clear plastic, my inclination would be to cut a rectangle from a soda bottle, wrap it round and zip-tie in place (so you can cut the ties to replace the battery occasionally).