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LED Cube...Help? Answered

So I made an LED cube. Forget programming I just wanted a cool home decoration. I plug it into a 5v supply and the LEDS aren't as bright as they would be individually hooked up. Can you help me solve this problem? I took out the resistors and it still isn't performing well. I have them in parallel. HELP!?



you dont have enough power and 75 amps is too many for an led dou you mean 75 mili amps

You probably have too many for the transformer you are using.  It it getting hotter than it should?  A transformer can only supply a certain amount of current before it is overloaded and eventually burns out.

so 64 leds running at 75 amps each powered by a 360 amp 5v supply wont cut it? Any suggestions?

That's right.  You don't have nearly enough power to properly run 64 leds using 75 amps each.   You're going to need a war surplus search light generator or better to properly run that cube.

And personally I myself wouldn't want to be anywhere near and led that pulls 75 amps let alone 64 of them.  You better have a good welders shield handy.

Can you post a data sheet for the leds or at least check your numbers again please?