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LED Flash Drive Cube Answered

I am making an LED Cube with a flash drive built into it, one for my friend (birthday coming up) and one for myself. I was thinking about having 8 LEDs in it to sufficiently light the cube up.

LED - http://www.ebay.com/itm/50-Round-5MM-Ultra-Bright-Red-Led-6-000-Mcd-USA-Seller-FAST-/281134922484?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item4174f27af4

I wanted to rig it up so that the LEDs were powered by the USB, but then I thought that it may not supply to enough power to power the LEDs and the flash drive at once.

Would the 5V current of the USB port be able to power both the flash drive and LEDs (if so how would I connect them?) or should I use a separate power supply (battery with a switch)? 


Have you ran the numbers through an LED calc to see the best arraignment of the LEDs, what resistor values you need and how much power they will pull?

8 LEDs will draw about 120mA. Most USB ports should be able to provide up to 500mA but are only required to offer 200mA at most. So it depends on the ports being used and the power needed for the flash drive.

I never though that even existed, that would have helped me a lot with previous projects. How much would a flash drive (USB 2.0 if that makes a difference) use or does it vary from type to type? And how would I draw power from the USB on the flash drive to the LEDs?

Before jumping into a USB project you may want to read up on the USB spec and how USB works. Then you need to find out how much power your flash drive needs. Either buy finding the specs from the company who manufactures it or by creating a rig that will allow you to measure the power draw while the drive is in use.