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LED Flashlight help Answered

Ok, so I bought a PC board from radioshack and I want to make an LED flashlight out of it. The PC Board, is the smaller one that can be split into two. I plan on using either 4 white 10mm LEDs, or 10 5mm LEDs. Either way, I want to make a flashlight out of them using this PC board. There is an Instructable for a bike light using a PC board, but I cannot seem to understand the way the circuit runs. So my questions are: 1) Where do I put the LEDs in on the PC board? 2) Where should I plug in my voltage source. (3 Volts) Thanks -Brennn10



Reply 10 years ago

Lol, that was my video. I made an instructable on it a little bit after. I was what some would call, a "a noob", last year.