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LED Floaties fundraiser Answered

I've heard so much about LED floaties,throwies,and everything else. But, I was thinking this could be used at a community cookout or something like that as a fundraiser. People buy an LED item and release it. Money could go to charity or fund. Any thoughts?


Sounds like a great idea to me. But I don't (like many people) like the idea of floaties (water and air ones). It's just not a very clean way to raise funds for something. And it's not practical at all to have to find a way to pick them up somehow. I'd just do regular magnetic ones.

Are you talking about the helium filled ones, or floating ones?

well, it would be throwies,floaties, and helium floaties. Posibly another LED device

...If they fly away (or go to the middle of a pond) it would be pretty hard to re collect them all..

I'm quite the devil's advocate =]

I like the idea...you just need to think of a way to recollect them all later on.

button cells poisons a huge amount of water each poison water kills/poisons plants animals who eat the plants get poisoned dead


10 years ago

I'd take a survey to see how many people actually would be interest before you go and invest a couple hundred dollars worth of your own money. I think it'll go over well, but who knows. IIRC, I read on here somewhere that the cost of one throwie is 88 cents; try to find a good price, so that you'll make a profit, but not so high that they won't sell.

Are you sure that's not for one throwie? If you make a hundred, I bet you can do it for less than $88 - I'd guess it'd be closer to $0.50...

IIRC, I read on here...

Apparently, I didn't remember correctly.

Ah, here we go.

Q-Branch (the author of the original Throwie iBle) says that you can make them for ~$1.00 each; the 88 cents was from when I calculated what my expenses would be for 100. Of course, I probably wasn't buying the LEDs from the cheapest place.

Okay, I was off, they use expensive magnets. 500, though, would cost ~$0.73 each. 100 is about $0.78 ea.

Hold the event in or beside a large iron building, such as a warehouse or similar.
Buy in bulk the parts to make the magnetic throwies, charge people to make them, then they throw them around the building to provide illumination for the rest of the party.
Or hold the party on or prior to election night - get or make a giant poster of the candidates with a steel background (old fridge doors?) - they can "vote" by throwing their throwies at one of the images (you could be controversial and have a third candidate - None of the above.

maybe i shouldn't use helium floaties.

The cause is great, but you must take in to consideration the damage that the helium filled floaties will do. Just like any other helium baloon, they fly away. Maybe if you had just breathed in air, they won't fly away and be for eco-firendly.