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LED Gloves Answered

I was in a bar tonight and there were these guys with these weird LED gloves and were doing this little show where they wave their hands arounds and it looked really awesome. Seems pretty simple. They have 16 watch size batteries linked up to super bright LEDs. I kinda thought that was a good project to try instead of buying a pair for 100 dollars that are considered quality.  I really don't even know how to go about this. 

They're called Light Show Rave Gloves.

Here's a video of what they look like afterwords.



you can use a pair of white gloves and some microlights.

Thanks. I'm going to incorporate this idea https://www.instructables.com/id/Illuminate-your-fingers/step2/Get-ready/ Just gotta figure out how to put it onto a small switch so i can turn it off and on without ripping wires or desoldering

i don't know if anyone else noticed in the video that was linked....but, there's a dude sitting in front of the other guy...and he looks like he's tripping balls...dunno just thought it was funny looks like the LEDs are actually inside of the fingertips of elongated gloves

http://orbitlightshow.com/custom-budget-glove-p-259.html this is the site where you can buy the things....just look at the components, it's a pretty simple looking idea

to the bottom of that link you'll see the gloves themselves...black gloves with white tips for the diffusers

after that it's basic LEDs and batteries

The fingers are slightly different colors, but are close to white, while the thumbs flash.

It is possible there's a small magnet on one side of both gloves so he can put his hands together and do that wave a little smoother.

To me it looked like the gloves were fingerless, but that was probably just the way the gloves looked with the lights.

Apart from that, no idea how one is made.

Good luck. :D

Off you go, then.

Don't forget to post an Instructable.