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LED Grow lights for indoor plants? Answered

I have a lamp with a couple of multi-color changing LED light bulbs and I was wondering if any of the red/blue combination settings would work well for growing plants indoors? This is a photo of the type of bulb I have. 

I have a couple of non-edible plants that I got at a craft store and I was just wondering if this type of bulb would work well and help them grow since I can't get these plants into direct sunlight. 

Thank you Instructaverse! 


I just went over and had a look at the grow lights I use to keep myself stocked on loose leaf lettuce. (As an aside, I staring into LED grow lights makes text on monitors turn awesome colors.) The lights have a total of twelve LEDs in them, two of which are blue, and the rest being red. I've used these lights for years, so I know that they do their job well.

The only thing I would worry about is brightness. Like I said, these lights have 12 bright LEDs on them. They actually have little internal fans to keep them cool so they don't scorch the plants. But the only thing you have to lose by trying is a couple of pennies on your power bill and maybe a light-starved plant, so I say give it a shot. :) Make sure and put the lights pretty close to the plants.

They say different colours help different plants in differing ways...they should work as grow lights, but remember they're usually limited to less than a watt of LED power, which is about 10 watts of incandescent; not a whole lot of light.