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LED Indoor Light Fixture Answered

LED lights is a wonderful thing, but it is horrifically expensive.I bought some LED indoor light fixture for home deco. There are still have some led indoor light fixture left. I don't want to waste of these resources, so i decided to use them in my gardens. What's the difference between indoor light and outdoor lights? My these led indoor light fixture can be used in my gardens?


.  The main things are to keep them dry and at a reasonable temp.
.  110/220VAC LED lamps produce quite a bit of heat so you need to be careful to provide plenty of air flow (may be difficult to do and still stay dry).
.  Batteries put out less volts/power the colder they get and may not work during the Winter months.

They may not be able to withstand the extreme temperatures, hot and cold, or the constant change.  Also, high humidity, condensation, rain, snow or ice may affect the unit.  If they are protected in a fixture and kept dry, they should work but the other factors may affect how long the unit may last.