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LED Lamp Parallel Circuit Answered

Hello everyone,

My first question in this forum to build a LED panel with parallel LED connections.

Input:  220V AC
Bright White LED 5mm

I want to put 36 LED in a panel and want to use bridge connections which will power up both the LED panel and a 12V Battery simultaneously, so when the power goes it will take the power from the battery.

Can anyone guide me with circuit?

I am novice and have interest to make things like this for own use.

Thank You




This is the circuit of the photographs

Circuit 01.jpg

These are the elements. Please go through it..... MarlöPax


Circuit of Parallel LED Connection. Will it work? Please guide with specification. Or Will the specified elements work for this circuit? Thanks MarlöPax


If you apply 220VAC to that capacitor, it will explode. The capacitor in the picture is rated at 100V. The peak voltage in the circuit is 311V (220RMS * sqrt(2)).

Your filter capacitor should be rated at least twice the actual peak voltage the circuit. I would recommend getting a DC power supply to power the LEDs. Assuming the white LEDs have 3.6V forward voltage you'll need an 18V supply.

If you need to use line voltage, I'd recommend reading a lot more about rectifiers and high voltage electronics and use a transformer to step down the line voltage to a more usable level.

Using a prebuilt power supply is a much better option.

Having worked with it before, the thought of hooking all those exposed connections to a line voltage scares me.

From the looks of that wiring, the 100uF electrolytic is connected directly to the AC mains (not on the pulsed DC side of the rectifier), so it'll go fsssssss POP! regardless of it's voltage rating...

Is there anyone who can give proper advice for this LED circuit ?................... I also need to know in what Volt its comes down by this circuit connection? How many LED in parallel series can I place with this circuit? Any guidelines will appreciative. Thanks in advance MarlöPax

You might want to read through the many LED instructables that chain multiple LEDs first. You have to calculate what power you need to drive the LEDs and then figure out a circuit to switch the power supply. Good luck.

Thank you for your reply. Could you point out to such tutorials of guideline which exactly needful to this issue? I can post my circuit with the photographs of elements which I am experimenting if you need for your suggestions. I made a bridge connections for this, but don't know the actual Voltage of output to fit the parallel connections of LED. Many thanks for your advice. MarlöPax

Just put "LED" in the search box and read through the instructables that look similar to your project. The comments in the instructables are most helpful. Many contain links to "LED calculator" to use. I am not an electronics person but my understanding is a rectifier converts AC to DC. So you still have 220 volts coming out of the rectifier. Your load or array of LEDs has to be capable of handling that 220 volts. I would think most people would have a power supply circuit of some kind unless these are high power LEDs. Is this circuit for an emergency light exit sign or a flashlamp? Still, work out the circuit with battery before you connect it to the mains, if that is a car battery, you are more adventurous than me. Good luck.