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LED Laser Fingers Answered

I just found out about these: LED Laser Fingers

They seem to be the perfect thing for those light sculptures...SO....Can anyone make an ible on making these?


Looks like the one's on your link, are not "real lasers" but ultraBrite LED's, and have elastic attachments. . . OR use Lftndbt's glove idea...looks very feasible.

Just get brass knuckles or gloves or something, and tape (use double sided tape) a throwie to it. It's easy.

careful with brass knuckles, being fairly conductive, any "exposed wire" would short out the whole thing (and be sure to check the legality of owning them in your area first....)

Take a throwie, create duct tape rings, add throwies to rings, ta da, light rings

That was my first thought, but I guess I want something a bit more profesiona looking...

I think they are just throwies mounted to a ring. (try a key ring or large washer)