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LED Lights on a trombone bell. Answered

Well anyways, I'm planning on sticking a circle of little LED lights on the bell of my trombone. It would have two modes, one that lights up with noise, and the other just staying lit. I plan on using the circuit from https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Music-Sync-Lamp/ but I need a microphone circuit and a switch added in to do the two modes i described. So could anyone sketch something up quickly? Thanks.


or you could some how use your tuner to lite the lights! find out what makes the screen react to the sound then you could soider the wire to the display.but you would have to hook up a diffrent type of electricity like a bigger battery. ONE WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You have one week to do it, the concert is almost here , why would you even bother to use led's then christmas lights, I have bad ones at home you could use, plus where would you put the power supply/ you could attach a switch where when you hit your trigger it lites up hook the negetave wire to the trigger and the positive wire to the spring or you could have the positive on your index finger and when you hit the trigger booom! Mrs.flynn wouldn't let that happen my friend she wouldn't let it happen!Basicly dont do it, its a waste of time and your materials, but who am i to tell you what to do?

are you looking for a mic + an small amp or maybe just a pre-amp for the mic?

I need a microphone circuit to use in the amplifier input part of the led sync circuit.

. For the mic, a piezo unit, in intimate contact with just about any part of the instrument should work.
. If you need a pre-amp, an op-amp (eg, 741) should work.

K, so I should just wire the amp part of the circuit to a piezo buzzer and it will work?

. Possibly. I don't know enough about it say for sure. Since the LED Music Sync Lamp gets its' signal from an audio amp, I suspect you will need a preamp between the mic and transistor.