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LED MASK (flashing & other features?) Answered

Hey guys, I wanted to start out by saying thanks to all u guys! I've been trolling instructables for a while and have used many of them, an example being the iron man one.. for my Halloween costume... Well, I'm planning on making a mask like the one pictured below... design(not exact design but just an example..) part will be glowing with surface leds on the backside.... I was planning on making them RGB so I can change colors... If I can, I want to add various other features like flashing(slow/fast maybe?) and anything else that I can feasibly do. So, can anyone help me get started with tips/advice/links? ... I am decent at soldering and my friend who will be helping is very good at it... Can i use an existing chip to do this.. such as a chip from a photon or led toys..? or are there good pre-programmed or programmable microcontrollers that can fit in my pocket? I have 6 months to complete this.. and I will make an instructable for it as well. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!



how's your work on the LED mask going ?
I came up with the same idea, and searched the net untill I saw that you want to make one too.
I thought I could by an industrial LED netbook screen panel, and reshape it , but 
that is way to technical and difficult.

still, I'd like to make one too.

are you getting somewhere ?

sorry for my crappy english, I'm from Belgium

Some ideas for you:
You can find a bicycle safety flasher and gut it like I did for blinking LEDs and instant circuitry.

Search for instructables on working with plexiglas signs and LEDs, there is a technique to imbed the LED in your clear mask but will light up only the design you scratch or carve in the plexiglas, like glowing house numbers. You can even layer it for multicolor leds by isolating the edge of the layers where the LED is. Mix and match and see what you get. Of course, you will need to get a nice heat gun to bend/form the plastic or look up tips to bend it in an oven.

Instead of a full face mask, do the phantom of the opera thing or BORG and make a clear overlay that lights up. Take a sports clear face mask and mod it.

Good luck.

Thanks for all the comments so far. I've been reading up on micro controller projects... the design or how i want the mask isn't final.. the fluorescent paint would look cool... A few friends and I are brainstorming on exactly what we want in terms of looks and functionality.. i'll post when i figure more out :)

there are lots of toys that make leds do different things in a loop with some tweaking you can mod a slow flasher to have dimming effect i think the mask in the picture would look more cool with fluorescent paint and real uv led that shines on it say from a clip on the shirt

Well, you could use an Arduino, that is a small programmable microcontroler that will probably fit into your pocket... Or just Google to find some schematics for LED, that will make them blink or make some paterns, you can make the Jack-o-lantern circuit....

I suggest an easy way to get a colour changing led system, is to buy one of those cheap 'LED display stand' esque things. Then simple rewire the leds onto longer wires if needed.

Search the site for flashing LED projects and microcontroller projects. EL wire may also be useful.