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LED Matrix & POV PCBs up for grabs! Answered

Boy do I have a deal for you!

I've been working on an uber-clock project recently (it's going to be really really awesome!), and it entails a very interesting display -- a 5x16 array of SMD LEDs.
I tried making a homemade PCB, but it was impossible to use, so I'm sending my order out to a fabhouse for some real ones. While I'm at it, I'm offering you, instructablonians, the chance of a lifetime: Owning one of these awesome* boards!

For $18, you get the PCB and 100 red SMD LED's! (LEDs courtesy of T3hMuffinator) -- this price pretty much covers the cost of the board & shipping.
For an extra 5 bucks, I'll stuff the board with the LEDs for you.
(The 5 bucks is to cover the solder paste, and the labor involved :P)

It definantly needsto be stuffed with solder paste, the parts are very close together.

It is litterally just the LED matrix, there are spots for it to be connected to a controller board, where the resistors would lay.

EDIT: Heres the schematic, sch file, and the board.
EDIT2: New board design, much much more compact! 3.15" x 1.20"!
EDIT3: Just in case we get a flood of replies, I'll repeat 'Muff.
He's supplying the LEDs. They're avaliable in red, white, yellow, and 1 other color. They're from [www.select-technology Select Technology] (eBay UMO88)
EDIT4: I also have controller boards availible. They're basically an AtMega8, resistors, header pins, power, etc all on a board the same size as the array. (not an easy task!)
They're $18, PM me fore more details

I also have some POV boards availible. They are uber-compact, at only 0.8"x0.6"! They come with 10 SMD LEDs. They cost $5 a piece. Just add the Attiny13 & power!

For $15, you get the POV PCB, the LEDs, 11 Male & 5 Female header pins, a DB-25 connector, an Attiny13, and its socket. Its everything you need to use this PCB. (Note: you need a parallel port on the back of your computer in order to use this board to program the uC)

Its a very self-explaintory PCB, which makes it great. Its compact size is great for a few different things

An instructable is coming really soon on making/stuffing/using it, so don't dispair!

  • All three boards distributed by Rethinker Industries and liscenced under by-nc-sa.


I know its kind of last-minute, but I'm also selling POV boards. They're uber-small, have 5 LEDs, and a built-in programmer.
An instructable revolving around them is coming really soon. If you are just interested, let me know so I have an idea of how many to buy. I won't hold you to it, since they're small & cheap.

Just to let everyone know; I'm supplying the LEDs, (avaliable in red, white, yellow, and one other color that I can't think of atm), that I got from Select-technology. Their e-bay auctions are awesome, and the prices are ridiculously cheap! (e-bay username is UMO88)

I'm going to have to know by Monday, so I can place an order & get it here soon ;-)

Just to clarify:
> You're paying money for this :P
> It is *litterally* just the LEDs on the board
However, you do get the LEDs... I guess :P

I would if I didn't already have ~180 leds i got for free and the ability to make my own boards with a drill press.

...lucky :P
I tried making my own board, as I didn't *need* holes (although this version has holes to connect the rows & cols to the controller board, I was using just pads). However, it was a pain to solder.

you getting you soldering paste from deal extreme like I suggested?

ooh, you can count me as interested, i need to ask permission etc....