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I recently about 2 weeks ago* ordered 50 LEDs for my sister in laws wedding reception from www.modersmart.com, I was totally screwed over when i only received 28 of the LEDs i ordered, not only that but when i ordered them, there was an instock supply of 120 ! ! ! ! >_<

Ok, aside from being screwed over, im in dire need of finding (10 pcs) Loose 10mm LED - White and also need (12 pcs) Loose 10mm LED - Red


if possible could someone help me in finding similar LEDs that use a 3V battery for an LED throwie??

another site ive tried is http://www.hebeiltd.com.cn/?p=leds.9.10mm but the Minimum order US$99 mixed OK. and i dont need $99 in LEDs

If anyone can help, id appreciate it big time!!



send ur mailing address and i'll get the red ones to you on the house. 5000mcd ultra bright. the white 10mm ones are on backorder as well w me. the white ones i have are 12,000 mcd 5mm ultra bright but really kick butt as far as putting out light. i also have 100 degree 4000 mlm white wide angle(5mm). hope u don't mind paying actual shipping. please let me know. thank u. good luck. lite the world.

unclecytheledguy.com has what u need. the 5mm ultra bright LEDs might be mixed in fr more light and less expense. if that doesn't trip ur trigger, he also has 10mm. throwies makers like the 10mm diffused ones, but they are nowhere near as bright. he has the fake candles but don't think they are listed yet. check both sale and regular pages. if in doubt, send him an email question. good luck. lite the world.

[10x White LEDsebay White leds]Ebay usually has cheap diffused LEDs that's where i buy them. You can look at these: