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LED Reef tank light ( auto dimming) Answered

I am in the process of redesigning a LED reef light using Luxeon III White and Royal Blue. These will let my coral grow the best. The biology of it I have down to a science... My circuitry however is still in its infancy. I have been following several of the instructables but i am at a point where I need some help... I can kind of get to the simple on off in my schematics (given I do not know what my power supply is yet) but as I read in
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Circuits-for-using-High-Power-LED_s/">Circuits-for-using-High-Power-LED</a>
, I now see that it can be a little more complicated if I want to preserve these slightly costly lights... So that leads to many questions from which most I might be able to get from the 12 books on electronics I purchased and borrowed, but something tells me that experienced people might have more practical solutions for me. What is needed to operate a 24 led array (Luxeon 3, Vf = 3.9V, 1000mA Each LED) from 115VAC to the DC? Now for a topic that I am having trouble with finding information to, back in the day I had an electronic ballast for a metal halide reef light that would fade on to full output over the course of 2 hours and would dim the same when turning off. this ballast had to cords on to supply constant power( i would assume) and the other to control the switch that would allow it to fade on and off.... I would like to simulate this sunrise sunset effect with my LED array? I appreciate your time and help with this project of mine.


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i have a circuit that turns off after an hour. otherwise, im out of ideas for fade out. wait new one: a timer (like the ones used for lights) triggers a really. when off, the relay connects the lights to the power source. when on, it connects the through a resistor. any good?? can i have a cookie for this idea?

Sugar cookie or chocolate chip... LOL Thanks for the idea I will try it and see if it will work... if you have anymore let me know