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LED Sea Urchins Answered

These glowing sea urchin shells that the folks at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories put together look pretty sweet and are really easy to make. It all boils down to this: LED throwie + sea urchin shell = glowing sea thing! Simple and effective. Nice.

Quick project: LED-lit sea urchins


I like the black spiny ones...

Now, if they evolved luminescence, or were genetically-modified...


Replace the spines with fibre optics?

did you ever see one of those "walk" ?     The lurchin urchin   lol

I liked the story about the dog over here in Australia about a year ago, that got trapped in a freezer for two days and came out alive.

Best part? His name was Krillin, so, Krillin was just Chillin'!

Warning, never try to pick those up bare handed, not matter how gently. Was a painful lesson learned.

Caribbean, snorkeling, not sure exactly which island.  Least I knew better than to touch the lionfish ;-)

Oh yes, they're much worse.


(got fire-coral-ed in Thailand - mild)