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LED Strobe Light circuit, Best Place to ask the experts for L.E.D. Based Strobe Driver circuit Answered

Iam new here,
after searching on google and many electronic forums and all, I still can't find a LED Strobe light circuit, which would run off a 12v dc Car Battery.

You Tube is loaded with lots of people displaying them, but can't find the circuit to make one for me.

check what i want the LED columns to do for me.





Please help me with this, Iam a L.E.D. Fan and can't sleep, i dream of strobes and can't find one, huh.

I've some Mods done to my car lights, I'll make some videos and share them with you all here soon.

Thanks for your time :-)



10 years ago

He wants a "strobe" like you see on top of a police car: multiple colors in multiple flashing paterns, rather than "disco", "timing", "kit car" or "cylon" style. There isn't really any good way to do this sort of strobe without programing a microcontroller to activate different LED circuits in the appropriate patterns. While this wouldn't be a "hard" microcontroller project, it also isn't a particularly good newbie project unless you want to go the route of spending $20 to $100 on tools and/or "beginner oriented microcontrollers" (like the basic stamp.) If you DO want to go that route, get yourself an Arduino and start hacking...

Westfw, Not exactly like a police car. or multi color. I want to have 3 flashes per second, no need to change color, only if one strip can flast like strobes, Distress signal to be near. or I can just one from ebay and dismantle/trace the circuit and help others looking for it. but shipping is more than the product value to my place and without insurance i don't think one should order it. I've recently found pirahan L.E.D.'s and they are justing dieing to get installed somewhere inside my car.

If you just want something that blinks at a constant 3 blinks/seconds, or even something that sequences several LEDs at a constant rate/pattern/direction at three transitions/second, then you don't need a microcontroller, and one of the 555 circuits Kiteman posted should work OK.

If 12 volt is the source, one could use, say the Small-Strobe Light with 9 v, if they used either a regulator, or a voltage divider.

To figure the resistance for the divider, use
RT = R1 + R2
VR1 = VT R1 / RT
VR2 = VT R2 / RT

Thus a 30 ohm and 10 ohm resistor should suffice to drop 12 v to outputs of 9v and 3 v.

Any of these can be adapted to run off 12v with the appropriate voltage regulator.


10 years ago

thanks, I'll go through these today.