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LED Suit of light Answered


I am looking to build a fancy dress costume, and have approximately 12 months to make my costume :) What I would like to build is a replica of the following (or something similar):


I have searched for flexible fabric with woven LEDs, i have also searched several suppliers on Alibaba for flexible led mesh screens but nothing seems to be quite suitable. I think, for this, i would maybe be best off building the suit from strips of waterproof 5050 SMDs like this:


Power would be in the form of the biggest 12V power supply I can find. The only problem here is that at full brightness, the suit is going to consume A LOT of juice... I have seen this costume which is similar in construction, except all the LEDs twinkle (like TV static):


This has the added advantage of lower power draw as not all of the LEDs will be on at the same time. I actually much prefer this concept, however I have absolutely no idea where to begin on schematics...

Any insights or friendly advice from the experts would be handy, I have a rudimentary knowledge of electronics, and am very handy with soldering.




6 years ago

Also a "search" for "soft circuits" may help you out.


6 years ago

Look up the instructables to explain charlieplexing and multiplexing LEDs. It's a technique to flash LEDs in a big matrix fast enough so that the eyes persistence will make it seem it is always on in turn using less power. At Maker Faire, there is someone that does LED suits but to get a movie display running on the jacket. I think you are talking several hundred LEDs and lots of point to point wiring. Good luck.