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LED Voltage indicator Answered

I have recently installed a solar panel in my garden to charge a 12volt 21Ah battery. I would like to show it off a bit by using a simple LED display to show it working. What I was thinking was to have a range of about 8V-25V. At the low end would be blue leds (for cold) up to red (hot) at the high end. Does anybody have any idea how I would go about getting something together. I can read circuit diagrams at a push (my Dad's the expert) and would like as much information as possible. Would it be possible to have 1 LED per volt ? Am I being simple? Would this project be self defeating in that it'd use lots of the free power I'm trying to collect? Any help anybody can give I'd be grateful to receive. Share & Enjoy. Zippy.



10 years ago

Take a look at the LM3914 IC, which I think will do pretty much exactly what you want, in a single chip.

Thanks a lot for the information. I'm a complete dunce when it comes to looking at these things though. The example they show is for a temperature indicator. How would I connect it up to the 2 leads coming off my panel. Zippy.