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LED amplifier from 12V controll to 20-24V 30W 350mAh Answered

Hello everyone,

First of all I'm totally new to electronics. Actually I'm a programmer, but wanted to work out some LED home lightning system.

My LED Home lightning system will be driven by arduino. I allready figured out how to power 12v RGBW LED strips.But now i want to incorporated 30W RGB LED chips with heat sinks (that I will make into celing lamps), that are driven by 22-24V 350mAh. I want to have RGB LED amplifier/extender, to be able to achieve modularity. So each 30W RGB LED would get input from common anode RGB LED controller (arduino or any other on market RGBW controller) or RGB LED strip.

So question would be: Can anyone help me with schematics and transistor or mossfet choices for creating such amplifier?

I'm attaching simple ilustration.

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Thanks, but, this thing that You posted.
It has three pluses (+ + +) ins and a ground. In my case, common anode LED have three minuses (- - -) so thats wont work. Or doesnt care about polarity?

Also I'll add more detailed schematics of problematic. Not technical, sorry, but maybe it will give some insights.