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LED bike tires Answered

We've seen all sorts of ways to light up your bike. Here on Instructables people have used LEDs, cold cathode lights, and even fire. Now a company called Cyglo is making new tires that light up with LEDs. They are powered by the spinning of the wheel. When the wheel isn't spinning you can see the individual LEDs. They blur together when the bike is moving for a persistence of vision effect.

They're not on sale yet, but hopefully soon. And then there will be one more way to be brilliant while riding at night.

Cyglo Night Bright Tyres turn on the magic of colored light



8 years ago

That picture screams "TRON". Maybe an EL Wire mod for the future?

Wow, can't wait to see what everyone comes up with. I'd love to pimp my young son's wheelchair with these! : ) Can someone try it with wheelchair tires?

I made a set of these for my wife's wheelchair at our wedding. You can't get a ring effect w/o speed (which a wheelchair doesn't do well), but you can have a ring of separate LEDs. I used SMD (surface mount) LED's, facing inward from the rim, and a battery pack taped to the axels. It looked neat, and was a cool little extra during the dance portion. I would *not* recommend LED's for wheelchair lights... took waaay too much time to solder all those LED's together. You could go for premade LED strips (see dealextreme.com or any other cheap website). The best thing would be to get an EL-wire setup, and cut the wire to the circumference of the wheel. Then you'd get an awesome ring effect w/o speed, and it'd even have a better glow (more neon glow vs. the LED's bright shine). Comment back if you're going this route... I wouldn't mind helping out somehow.


Thanks, jumpfroggy! I'll pass on this info to my husband (who is the handier one of us two). We're waiting on Blake's new wheelchair to get here -- probably will be a couple of months before we have it. I'll certainly let you know when we need some help. The lights are really cool, by the way. : ) Thanks again!

The wheels need to be spinning to get the effect. I've seen wheelchairs with cold cathodes on the bottom for an underglow, though.

Id love to have those on motorbike tyres lol


8 years ago

those are awesome. I hope they make them for kids bikes as well