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LED bulb with AC 220v. Answered

can any body help me???? I want to build a LED bulb with 220v AC. But the circuit should be very simple and short. I want to fix it in a dead Energy Saver (CFL). or can i use dead CFL's circuit with LEDS?



Please see


The cfl circuit boosts the 220 volts up to hundreds or thousands of volts (so that electrons literally jump through the low pressure gasses in the bulb).  That circuit is of practically no use to you. The housing and bulb socket are quite useful to you though.

Using leds with mains voltage is both possible and efficient if done properly:

(those two are run at mains voltage)

This one uses a cheap circuit to down the voltage from 110/220 to 4 volts for a luxeon led.

I don't need to warn you that ac220v is silly dangerous if not handled properly.

is there a way to reverse the circuit? that instead of boosting it to several volts higher, lowering it to a certain point?

Thankx frollard for helping me but you know i am not familiar with electronic so much. i am a beginner and want to improve my electronic knowledge. I want to make instructable like

1: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-use-burnt-Compact-Florescent-Light-Circuit-/
i know about first instrucable and also tried it.  but in 2nd instructable he used just two things as a power supply with 24 LEDs. i know about 1 component i.e a Resistor but what is the 2nd component????? can you please visit this 2nd Instructable and Help me about 2nd component.(Sorry about my English as it is not my National or Mother Language beause I am from Pakistan).

The second component in the second instructable is bridge rectifier, which can be used as a single component instead of connecting 4 discrete diodes.  Step 5 has explanation and picture about bridge rectifier.

Thank Dude... As i am a beginner so i don't have a lot of knowladge of electronics but i have a lot of interest in electronics...

I ve made some... ;-)
You can see my work...

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