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LED drumsticks? Answered

Just throwing the idea out there. You'd probably stick the LED in the knobbly bit of the drumstick and then learn to drum in the dark.


do you know they make light up drum sticks at ted brown i wood know im a drummer

I hope that "wood" was some kind of a pun, and not an actual spelling error...

. Will LEDs handle that kind of abuse? Or are you talking about playing air drums?

The LEDs would have no problem with the abuse. I was thinking one LED on the tips with some sort of switch mechanism that would turn them on as the sticks are swung/flipped/thrown. Small batteries would easily fit inside the stick and shouldn't upset the balance at all.

You could get a couple of 1/4" clear acrylic rods, hollow them out, and put a string of LEDs inside them. Then you could put two terminals on the outside of the sticks and make special gloves that deliver the electricity just through contact. Or try the ever-popular induction method!

The drum sticks probably shouldnt be wood either.