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LED ideas for basement Answered

Hi everyone, I took on a small project to make over my basement. I recently added a bar in the basement and thought LED's will add color to it... I want to install LED's across the basement so that they change colors with music or I can control the color changing as well..... One of my friends recently got me bunch of super bright LED's from India for cheap, in different colors.…..all together 750 of them(5 diff colors)… so any ideas on what transistors, circuits etc should I use and also ideas on how to arrange them would help a lot. I have a false ceiling…so I was thinking, buy some foam, cut it into small squares and insert LED’s through it, in a series….solder them and run power through the ceiling and stick that foam to the ceiling….may be this is crazy??? I appreciate any ideas…and help.. Thank you


hey killerjack, thanks for the reply...any idea where I can get those microcontrollers and relays?? thanks

The best way to get full control of the colours would be with tru-colour leds but if you have a load of different ones now you could always have a bunch of seperate circuits with a switch for each colour, if you wanted to have music controls I think either via parallel port or a pic microcontroller with relays would be the way to go.