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LED powered party Answered

So me and some friends a month ago got together and threw a party together last minute. Well it was more then just a hit, people turned around and begged us for more. So now that we have cred for this "epic" party which really was just random shit tossed together in a house in an hours time. So this time around we are going to go all out and spend our budget fully. But my job is to do his house like my room: I only have LEDs for lights. But the LEDs I used for my room I bought at radio shack and thus paid top dollar for them. Which was fine, for my room, but a house? I need bulk. Bulk LEDs, bulk resistors, bulk wire. But that's only half the problem, I was told my deadline was the 23rd. Well even with this short time frame I still need some good bulk dealers. Does anyone have any good links to places that sell LEDs in bulk? I'm looking to spend around 50 bucks or so on the lights. As I do this project though I will either make an inscrutable out of it or the very least a slide show!*



9 years ago

Where do you live? For example, Tech shop in menlo park sells a bunch of bulk LEDs in conjunction with the EMSL "Peggy" kits they also sell.

You could try contacting Phenoptix - he hasn't been around for a while, but he deals in LEDs and gives preferential treatment to people from Instructables.


Doh, I've just realised that your deadline has passed already - so, tell us, how did it go?

There is no place that you can drive to that sells bulk stuff, you can only order it online...

but probably not get it all in 3 days :-)

Yeah, true, but if you live in UK, and order stuff from Farnell, you will get your stuff on the very next day, and they do free posting (shipping) too!