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LED project Answered

Here is what I got going;
I want to use a 9v battery to power a led for a project on one of my guitars. I'm not sure what kind of resistor I would need. On hand I have a 33ohm and 1m resistors. The led is a 5mm cylinder with an inward cone on top. The led ranges from red, blue, yellow, and green in different patterns. It came from a light up snow flake and the original power source are 3 LR44 button batteries. I'm not sure what rating the led is, since I didn't see anything on the packaging. The schematic is just the same as the original setup minus the 9v(LR44s) and the switch(little slider).

Thanks in advance for the help!


did some searching and i couldn't find an exact match for a 5mm rgb column led, but the other 5mm columns had 20mA and a drop that ranged from 3-3.6v and then 5v
3-3.5v = 300ohm
3.6= 270ohm

.  It's going to take somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 ohms, but it depends on how much current the LED is rated for. Try searching for
LED +resistor
here on Ibles or on Google.