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LED strip light wire issue Answered

Hello everyone.
Sorry for no diagram, but all multi color led strips are all pretty similar, 4 contact points at each cut point.

A year ago I bought a 5 meter roll of LED lights. The RGB ones with a 14 button remote, 3m backing, and covered by a jell. Yesterday I bought another 5 meter roll to wire up with my old roll, as the controller (little white box that the 12V plugs into and has the IR reciever) came with leads to connect 2 strips.

I plugged them in and they didn't work.

So i got out my multi meter and tested my old controller and the new one. and the results came back opposite.

One controller, I needed the red pin from the multi meter on the +12V line and the black to go on each color to show 12V.
The second, I needed the black pin on the +12V line and the red on the colors to show 12V.

So to me it looks like one sends the 12V up the +12V rail and back down the the RGB. While the other is sending 12V up each of the RGB and back down the +12V rail.

The led strips that belong to each controller are wired the same. so they don't plug and play.

So my question is, Is there a way to get these LED strips to work with one another or will they have to be run on 2 separate systems.

Thanks in advance



5 years ago

I have the 4 wires separated. and tried every 2 wire combination. With the new lights on the old controller. and the way it works is that i put the blue LED wire from the controller on the +12V rail on the LED strip. and the +12V from the controller on to the any of the RGB to activate the Blue LED's. same with red or green wire from the controller, they get put on the +12V of the LED strip and the +12v can be put on any of the other 3 to make the red or green LED's turn on. is the data control lead something inside the little white box?

You might want to look at adafruit.com and go through some of the tutorials on their light strips they sell to see what you can do.

There are light strips that are controlled analog or digitally, both different. Maybe you can post a pic of your two LED strips.

So did you try to reverse the power leads on one set to use with your working controller to see if the second strip lights up? If still nothing then reverse the data control leads to see if you get something. Good luck.