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LED supplyers Answered

this is a list of supplyers of LEDs posted by members of this group


Best Hongkong

if you know of any others feel free to post them and i'll add em to the list



Hey, there... Just an update....

I tried to look up Best Hongkong only to be stopped by my anti-virus system, which tells me the site has a Java Script hijacker buried in it.

Anyone else run into this ???

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if you are in the USA checkout usLEDsupply.com i have used a bunch of their Flex Strip lights and they have had the best prices i have seen
and for single chips try DealExtreme.com they have good prices but the quality isn't always as good

We, Niktronix, have tons of leds in all sizes and colors:


And many more to come!

We stock the most popular colors in most sizes: Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Pink, White, UV/Purple, Warm White

All of our leds are bright and are priced very very well. Check for yourself! Shipping starts at $1.99 for leds and you can purchase 100's of leds at that same shipping price. Please come and check us out and we are always expanding our led section, so if you have requests we will find them!


I'd like to add " ledshoppe.com " to the list.

They stock LED's as well as other goodies, all
with free shipping.

Take a look for yourself, like I did, you'll be impressed.

LEDs can be found in large amounts in those colorful LED christmas lights... For the rare, stuff (bipolars, RGBs) you might want to order those from somwhere...

radio shack is very expensive when it comes to quality leds. Those leds that come with those multipacks dont have the most demanded colors-White, Blue, And 'True' Green. In my experience, the best source for leds is christmas rope lighting. I bought a 25 foot multi colored rope light on clearance for $.79. It has 30 blue, 30 red, 30 white, and 30 true green leds. If youre looking for a much higher quality led, then meritline seems to have the best prices for a respected internet retailer. They recently had a 3watt white led complete with driver on sale for $7.. its a $30 led!

hey if u need an assortment of diffrent sizes for a cheap and only need a few just try out radio shack and look for the box of like 10 for 2$

phenoptix.co.uk is pretty damn good if I do say so myself!!

We offer fantastic quality LEDs, with honest shipping prices.

. Technically, I think that's SPAM. I was going to flag it, but noticed you've been here for quite a while and made many contributions, so I guess it's a friendly suggestion. At least you included a disclaimer (as if the nick wasn't a dead giveaway). . BTW, nice looking site. I like being able to see the prices in $US. If I ever need bulk LEDs, I'll check PO out closer.

Thanks, glad to hear I'm not spam! I've still not had the time to put together any instructables, got lots of pictures of various jobs I've done but not got around to doing the final bit. Glad you like the site though!

im gunna change my opening message tomorrow so u can delete your posts at that point

I can recommend Best Hongkong If you want to buy a big pile of leds.

They have all types and colors of leds, from the ultra-ultra bright down to dirt cheap bags with 1000 pcs of normal leds.

Ebay might be an alternative, but watch out for sellers that sells like 100 leds for $3.95 and then add $29 in shipping for them.