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LED turn signals HELP Answered

I have a 1966 VW Baja bug thats converted to 12v & I want to be able to run 2" round (trailer lights) as my signals. I hooked them up but they dont even light up. I know they work because I pulled them & tested each one. I also know there is power to them & a good ground, as I tested that too. Im just unsure what I need to change next. (the stock signal relay has 4 wires coming off of it & works if I plug in stock type signals) I tryed reading several led post's here & am still lost. Any help would be greatly appriciated.



10 years ago

. If the lights are designed for 12V operations, the fact that it uses LEDs shouldn't be important ... as long as the polarity is correct. Is the car setup for negative or positive ground? Does the light match? . A lot of taillights use two bulbs or a two filament bulb. If you have two wires on the light, one is probably for brake and the other turn, with the housing as ground.


Answer 10 years ago

My car is a 1966 VW baja bug (orignaly 6 volt) has been converted to 12 volt.
The VW has a positive wire that goes to each signal light. & the ground just grounds to the frame/body. I have tested & the ground is good & if I wire in a normal light they work with the positive wires & a normal mechanical relay.

lights/signals I'm wanting to use are like the top ones.

the guy from Shucks told me I need an electronic flasher relay. So I bought that & with that installed nothing works! not even the incandescent type lights.

When I went back, the same not so intelligent guy said this was the only thing he knew of that you can use to run LED's.


would like some input about load equlizers they sold me, before I open them & get stuck with another $10 part I can't use. (they said if I open them I can't return them. Same thing with the relay that seems to be broken?) If I need them do I need one for each light?

Is there a way to test the relay & see if its working correctly?

Let me know if any other info is needed. Ill do my best.

Id really like to get this figured out. I have spent over $100 & can't drive my car till I get it fixed.


Answer 10 years ago

. According to the Optronics link, the lights are 12V. . It looks to me like the equalizer is just a big resistor. Apparently LED lights have less resistance than incandescents. Not sure about this, just the way it looks to me. . . It would be a big help if we had: schematic of turn signal/brake/tail light circuit(s) (should be able to find on the Web) and a schematic of the LED lights.