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LEDS vs Diodes? Answered

I had a thought:
Since LEDs are a form of diode, can LEDs be used instead of diodes with similar properties in a circuit?


Light emitting diodes are usually a poor choice for rectifier applications, for the reasons already mentioned: low forward current, low PIV, high forward voltage drop.

Conversely rectifier diodes are a always poor choice for light emitting applications since they don't emit visible light.

Occasionally LEDs are used for clamping small signals, as in the sound card protector circuit in the attached picture.


LED's cannot withstand very much CURRENT amperage going through them in the forward direction. That is why they must have a current limiting resistor connected in series with it. Also, LED's cannot withstand very much BACKWARDS voltage... also called P.I.V rating (peak-inverse-voltage). So they will burn out if you connect them backwards... or if you connect them correctly with too much current. That makes them NOT GOOD for use as diodes, even though they technically are diodes.

THey do have similar properties but leds are much more delicate than diodes and also drop more voltage in most instances so wouldn't be appropriate for an RF project probably.

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+1 LEDS are also photosensitve, with a response peaking in the LEDs colour.