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LEDs for dummies Answered

I have been looking at some of the LED projects here and they look great, I would like to try out a few of them with my 12 year old. But never having worked with electronics before we are both total beginners. So I haev two (for now!) questions, what projects are suitable for begineers (the LED throwies look easy, but what else?) And people keep saying to buy them online, or ebay, but there are LOTS of different kinds, so can someone kindly give me a basic shopping list a few types that would be suitable for a few basic projects. Thanks



11 years ago

Cool thanks folks, I live in Ireland and we dont have radio shack, but I think I know of a place who do that kind of thing,

You know, honestly, if you have a local Radio Shack, I would start there for the first few projects. you may pay a few cents more, but if your only buying a few parts, it should be no big deal. It's a little easier than trying to pick them out online, and the counter guy *may* have some experience to help you. Once you get a few projects figured out this way, you will have the abstract knowledge you need to scavenge LEDs from old electronics or buy them online.

Here's some sites you can get LEDs from (I've only used the first one, but I plan on using abc soon since it's cheaper):

For the most part, eBay isn't the best place to acquire LEDs from, but if you look up "electronic components (or parts)", you can usually find a good deal there. Like this one, but it also has a reserve
Here's a nice one
And yet another

Hope these help you out :)