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LEDs in parallel or series? One or many resistors?t Answered

I want to make an LED strip, and I'm not sure weather to place two strips of copper down the side of the strip and attach the LED's to that, so it's parallel, or just make it series. What is the best? Should I use one resistor or many? (Obviously this only effects parallel) Thanks.



7 years ago

go there and u'll have ur questions answered! hope that helps..



10 years ago

In series is safest (for the LEDs), and you only need one resistor for each series circuit. However, you'll get higher voltages, and if one LED burns out the entire strip goes out. If you put all the LEDs in parallel, you should have a resistors for each LED - which is often too much hassle for people to bother with. Having just a single resistor for the entire set of parallel LEDs does as good as nothing (except maybe protecting your power supply in case there's a short). An intermediate solution is to wire a few LEDs in series with a resistor, and then put several of those series circuits in parallel. For example, you could have two copper strips at 12V, and bridge those strips with three 3.5V white LEDs in series with a resistor.