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LEDs on eBay? Answered

My brother and I recently made an eBay account, and we were just browsing through everything and we came across many LEDs. Most of the LEDs in bulk that I saw were from China or Hong Kong. I am just curious if anyone knows how reliable, safe, and if I would be getting my money's worth. I did buy some from besthongkong.com, and those came, but I am a little skeptical about these guys on eBay. Any suggestions?


I always buy from people in-country to me, as they're most reliable as a general rule.


10 years ago

Is their feedback good? I don't use eBay much, so I can't really help too much.

the Feedback is relative: that is, if someone is taken (or if someone "thinks they have been taken") the seller gets bad feedback. The buyer can also get bad feedback for complaining about "everyone" when they themselves are the problem. Sometimes a disgruntled buyer gives feedback that is not worthy of the seller, or the seller it not worthy of the feedback, good or bad. As was posted earlier, be careful until you know a few "sellers"...there is a discussion area too, one can ask questions at.

In the past couple of years, there have been a relatively few, that have gotten "good" reputations on eBay, and then in the end, scammed a lot of people out of a lot of money. Normally though, they go for a quick, big kill when this is the case (sell little things reputably to gain a presence, and then sell a very expensive "whatever" that doesn't exist and disappear. LED's would not fit well into the "big expensive" category. One can still get taken, but it is less likely then selling either expensive items or intensely popular items (Breyer horses fit both of those categories)

Just check their feedback, and stick with the one that you think is reliable.. I've done business online with Hong Kongers and dealers from China many times before without any problem. Plus a standard 5mm LED sells at around USD0.03 a piece in the far east, thus they are more than happy to sell it you and make a few bucks more..

this guy seems to have the best stuffs. Its fairly cheap, if you don't mind the quanity.

A while back I bought some LEDs from a dealer in Hong Kong on eBay, http://myworld.ebay.com/cwithk/ cwithk.] I got two packs of ten blue LEDs and one pack of ten red LEDs for $1.50 each, plus a total of 36 resistors sized to wire the LEDs to a 12V power supply. They arrived on the other side of the world about a week after I ordered them (fast even for intra-national shipping), and they are brighter than I expected. As NachoMahma said, just be careful. Many dealers in Hong Kong are scammers, but I have 36 LEDs and a $5 5mW laser pointer that ll came from Hong Kong.

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. Stick with one of the larger dealers that has been around for a while until you learn what's what. . Check the comments. Expect a few bad remarks (everybody has a few clueless customers), but shy away from those with too many. . Look at the online catalogs of some of the major manufacturers/sellers and get an idea of what the specs are for the type of LEDs you are looking for. Do NOT take the specs on eBay at face value - they are known to list peak values instead of industry standard averages without telling you so, &c. . There's a guy on here that sells LEDs (phenoptix?). He seems like a nice guy that knows what he's talking about, but I haven't done any business with him.