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LEGO Kits Answered

I'm putting together a few kits to make a LEGO Candy Dispenser. LEGO is usually pretty expensive but I'm trying really hard to make them all reasonably priced so I'm still working out what to charge for them. 

My real question though is whether or not LEGO kits would have much demand. I would like to put together kits based off of my other Instructable projects like Bendy Lego because I know it can be difficult/pricey to get enough pieces for projects like that in the traditional way. 

Any feedback about kits you would like to see made, either from projects I have already posted or something entirely new, or any tips would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks for reading and be sure to keep a lookout for the candy dispenser kits which I'll try to post by the end of this week. 


Lego.com has pick-a-brick, you could get A LOT of Lego's cheaply. Having said that, if you could get a coin operating design, I would buy hundreds of them.

I don't think Lego is food safe. Especially used long term, all the nooks and crannies getting filled with food and growing mold, etc. So, that might be something to think about as well, your liability.

Having said that, I'd be interested in one. As long as the price and the colours were right. Personally, I'm not into random rainbow colours.

You could try a couple on ebay, see how the bidding goes?