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LEGO sniper rifle Answered

This LEGO rifle by Jack Streat at MOCpages.com is pretty awesome. If there was ever any ideal way to shoot LEGO bricks, this would be it. Even the creator is impressed:

This is by far the best rifle i have ever made. it is a working magazine-fed rifle in bolt action configuration, with detachable magazines, sniper scope and bi-pod.

Check out the video to see it in action and the link below for a lot more pics.

Lee Enfield Bolt Action Sniper Rifle
via Neatorama


one sniper rifle the "BFG 50" can hit a target 6000 yards away. so you have to really be a good shot for that gun.

Why do people have this addiction to the word "sniper"? It means shooting small birds (Snipe) or having a good rifle (not your regular Lee-Enfield). And the bi-pod is non-standard too.
The gun is still really very good though.


everyone wants to be a sniper. they think that they can carry their gun fetishes out to the maximum by shooting things thousands of feet away. this is a classic example of why life is not like the movies. good snipers are born, not made, and i doubt that almost any of the sniper obsessed people on this site would be able to make a shot at anything more than 800 yards. it is alot harder than it seems. i consider myself a good shot, but i doubt i could hit something more than a thousand yards away, even if i had a really good gun. At least not in one shot. maybe eight or nine. anyway, i am blathering.

Sounds right to me.


Specifically, it originally referred to being able to successfully hunt a small, elusive bird that was considered a difficult target. And as for the assessment that snipers are born and not made, that is simply not true. Sure, talent can carry a person along a good way, but without training and a lot of practice they'll never make it as a military sniper.

The word "born" covers genetics and (upbringing to a certain-age). If you read parenting as as contributing to training you can agree with "born". Otherwise I agree with you.


Those that can, do.
Those that can't, wish they could make.

This, in my opinion is not his best rifle, is best was the last one he made before he quit...

send me the instructions on how to make this please. nightwolfdragonknight@yahoo.com


7 years ago

make an instruction vid with steps from the creator pzzz

Who are you addressing? The original creator, or the Instructables member who found this on a blog and passed it on to us?

From the combination of your two posts, I'm guessing that your skill set doesn't include reading comprehension.

can u please send me the instrutions


8 years ago

This is terribly inaccurate.

Four hits out of four shots.

Yes, I agree, that's appalling accuracy.

(Did you see the ammo?  Aerodynamic isn't in it.)

4 hits out of four shots is 100% accurate.... oh wait i see lol

i meant innacurate to the real gun. Not such a great replica.

Oh, c'mon, it's a LEGO rifle. What did you expect, a Barrett .50 cal?

No, better than this tho. its ok, not great. Ive made a barrett M82 a few times.

I've seen jack streat's work before. It is amazing. Too bad lego guns aren't as powerfull as knex guns!

Really good, only knex has better bolt action rifles that are more powerful. There's even one on Youtube with removable mags that get loaded just like this gun. But still a good replica.

I'll say it, but every trigger is a Lego block trigger.

This gun has a trigger made out of technic parts, not lego bricks. Sorry to ruin your joke.

How? The proper name of those parts is Lego Technic.

Not to sound immature or anything but... SOOOOOOO?

I was pointing out the error made by you and DJ in thinking you had "owned" cdad.

Damned silly film, nothing like the book.

No, this is silly, the whole premise is silly and it's very badly-written.


Seriously??? Are you people really complaining about "accuracy" and how "powerful" it is??? IT IS MADE OUT OF LEGOS!!!!!! and Legos came first you guys with the Knex might as well be using Duplo Blocks. Dude that is a very cool model ignore all the haters!

Id love to see the building instructions for that


8 years ago

nice lego gun, although it wouldnt be good for much more that a prop. It is a nice replica of... well, what kind of gun IS that? very nice though 4*

lol, funny credits. Nice firing mechanism!

i have looked at alot of lego guns on this sight and this is one of the most detailed so far 5*

Thats very impressive, I have to say. I really like the mech he used.


8 years ago

what is its cost

Now this is nice :D Gun looks like the gun it's meant to look like It's accurate and the gun even works like the gun in RL works :D I must say, this kid got some talent.