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LHC Rap Video !!! Answered

I found this on gizmdo, its a Rap Video filmed at the LHC which pretty-much sums up what there doing there.
Watch the video its funny and informative ! Doubble WHAMMY ! anchorman reference

If you want to sing along you can find the lyrics here, along with video download links

Oh and you can donate some of your computers downtime to help the guys at LHC do their calculations http://lhcathome.cern.ch/lhcathome/


The world diddnt end lol

They just did a dry run, we'll die October 18th..

o, i was watcihng the good word on youtube just now, and i just love that part. hehe

lol, that earth at 1:04 is the EXACt image form google that i used for a video, i was bored, but still.

also, im SOO sending this to my science teacher! also..Why dont you go long for Jesus?!?

cool lol what do you mean "go long for Jesus" ?

Alpinekat is my hero.